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"...Ms. ...said you were very courteous and pleasant and extremely helpful in your handling of her matter and she felt totally at ease in your approach. She is confident that you will handle her matter in a very professional and efficient manner and is happy that you are part of the legal profession...As you can see my friend it gave me great pride to pass along these glowing remarks about a fellow colleague. You are deserving of all said and I'm proud you are part of the Pro Bono program. I only wish there were more like YOU."

Norman W. Espinoza
Pro-Bono Coordinator  for Hudson County Legal Services

"I couldn't ask for a better lawyer. In my lifetime I have experienced some great things. Sitting next to you and being represented by you rank in the top..." 

Vincent Moran, at the conclusion of  a recent civil trial 
in Hudson County                                                                     

"I have to hand it to you.  You have a knack for jumping on a very small point and making it into a very big one." 

Jack Keil, Esq., trial "adversary"